Georgia Kings Basketball provided opportunities for hundreds of kids

Georgia Kings Basketball growth accelerated and during the most recent season played in 2019, we had 12 teams in addition to the Georgia Kings Academy with more than 150 kids from East Cobb and surrounding communities.


During the past 14 years (excluding two years during COVID), Georgia Kings Basketball has:

  • Positively impacted the lives of more than 1,400 kids who participated in our program
  • More than half of these kids graduated from high school with honors
  • Almost two dozen of these players graduated from high school with the school’s highest honors
  • More than two-thirds of these players went on to attend college or technical school
  • More than three dozen went on to play basketball at the collegiate level with three playing semi-pro
  • Multiple teams finished in the Top 10 in the state each of the 14 years we have played
  • Multiple teams finished in the Top 10 in the nation 7 of the past 14 years we have played
  • Our teams participated in numerous community service projects


Numerous former players are now doctors, lawyers, business executives and successful entrepreneurs who are members of our community. We stay committed to providing our community’s youth with highly competitive basketball opportunities to drive growth, ambition, and academic success.