Congratulations on your son being selected for the 8th grade Georgia Kings basketball program! 


We were thrilled with the level of talent that participated in the Georgia Kings 8th grade basketball tryouts yesterday.  We had 35+ kids and each one of them was imminently qualified to play at the AAU/YBOA level!  Because all of the kids were so highly talented, it was extremely difficult for the coaches to determine who would play on which of the two teams.  In the end, we felt that there is significant benefit from the consistency in having returning kids continue to play together.  Therefore we have decided that the seven players returning from last year plus five new players will form our Elite team.  Twelve additional new players have been chosen to be on our Select team.  These two rosters represent 24 excellent players and both teams will play a full practice and tournament schedule from late February into the Summer.


Coach Joe Allmaras will lead one team and coach Brad Venuti will lead the other team. Both coached a very successful 7th grade team together last year.  The teams will have assistants who will help develop player skills and will work with a trainer as well, to help strength and conditioning as much as possible.  We will have the same style and systems and the two head coaches will continue to work closely together to develop all of the players to their full potential.


Go Kings!

Coach Joe & Coach Brad

Georgia Kings Elite

Georgia Kings Elite Team - Coach Joe

  1. Amir Senat
  2. Avel Senat
  3. Cole Buker
  4. Dylan James
  5. Harper Kirby
  6. Josh Palmer
  7. Leo Etah
  8. Matt Allmaras
  9. Peyton Hughes
  10. Ryan Utberg
  11. Tyler Smith
Georgia Kings Select